Friday, January 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never :) :) don't be mad....but I am finally getting around to posting Christmas pictures, but in my defense I don't have regular access to internet so I am going to use that as my excuse. Haha!

Christmas was amazing as usual. What made it amazing was being with family. I love getting together with all of the family no matter what the occasion. On Christmas Eve we all met at Mom and Dads and had a yummy meal followed by a short Christmas program. Then there was the exchanging of gifts from the brother and sisters families since we weren't all going to be together on Christmas Day. Here are a few pictures from the evening. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Secondhand Serenade

For Christmas my roommate got me concert tickets to one of my favorite bands ever!!! Secondhand Serenade!! The concert was on January 16th and unfortunately,cameras were not allowed at the event so I didn't bring my camera but it was so fun!! The concert was held at the House of Blues in Las Vegas and the opening bands were amazing! I have 2 new favorite bands, The White Tie Affair and Rookie of the Year!! We were able to meet these two bands after the concert so one day when they are famous I will be able to say "I met them!" Haha! Anyway it was a lot of fun and it made me want to go to concerts more often!