Friday, September 26, 2008

I Made It Through Canada!!!

Hey everyone!!! I made it through Canada it was a long long long long drive but we have had some good times!!  Sleeping in the car and not showering for 3 days was amazing....I think everyone should try it......HAHAHA!!  We arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday night and we were blown away with how big it is.  We had no idea! It took us over an hour to find our hotel and when we finally did it was in the ghetto!  Thursday we decided to take the ferry to Victoria and loved it so much we decided to stay the night there!  This morning we went to Buschardt Gardens and words cannot describe its beauty! (pictures will be posted soon) Then we took the ferry back to Vancouver and headed to Seattle.  Tomorrow we will be going to downtown Seattle and I am really really really excited!!!! I have always wanted to go to Seattle and do the whole tourist thing.  Sorry there are no pictures, but I promise there will be some soon!  I love and miss you all!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I will miss my Sweet Ride: Van 687

As part of my employment here at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge I was assigned a van to run various errands for the company. Mostly to deliver "found" lost luggage to other Princess Hotels. I will admit that I was scared to drive such a large vehicle at first but this little sweetie has definately grown on me!! I am going to miss driving it around and it will be hard to drive my little compact Mirage when I get home....that is if the Mirage is still running....I'm not gonna lie I am a little scared that she won't be running to well.

My Sleeping Quarters!!!

When you first walk in this is what you see, my bed is the one with the cute
lamb blanket on it....the bed across from mine is my roommate Carol's bed...but she
is never in there because she always sleeps at her boyfriends....(scandelous).

This is Tiffany's side of the room, it is in its own little corner......She rarely sleeps in the
room because she also has a boyfriend whose room she frequents......

Then off to the left of Tiffany's side of the room is the bathroom...this is a bad picture
because there is also a toilet and a shelf in here. :)