Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jet Boat Safari

Yesterday I had the opportuniyt to go on a Jet Boat Safari on the Nenana river. It was amazing! The scenery was beautiful! They take you to area's you would never be able to see from any road or walking trail. Also since we were all employee's on the tour the driver drove a little more crazy than usual. He did a couple of 360's and it got a little out of control. They also fed us dinner to thank us for our hard work and sending guests on their tour! It reminded me of a family barbecue.

The blonde girl in this picture is Tiffany, we have become pretty good friends over the past month. She is from Bakersfield California. The weird kid behind us is Matt and he is a lot of fun. He is from Michigan.

My Co-Workers

These are my co-workers! All of them are so great! They make my job so dang fun. We are always laughing and having a good time. This picture is taken at the McKinley Princess Lodge, it is about 2 hours away from the Denali Princess Lodge. We went there on a tour because we work pretty closely with them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening Day at the Lodge!

Today was opening day at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge and it was great fun!!! For the most part everything went smoothly.  I got to ride the train to hand out key packets and saw Libby!  Which was great fun!  I meet the train in a remote area in Healy.  The train stops for literally a few seconds then me and another Guest Service Agent jump on. I get on the mic and explain what is in the key packets and help hand the key packets out to the guests. We have to do this in every car of the train, usually about 4 cars, then we get off at the depot with the guests and ride a shuttle back to the lodge.  IT WAS SO FUN!!! I have said it before and I will say it again....I love the people that I work with!  And I cannot wait for the busier months!  So in the words of Kirsten Dunst, BRING IT ON!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

So Sorry!

I want to apologize for not posting in awhile.  The place that I live at is a homeless shelter.....ok so I am blowing it out of proportion a bit.  Let's just say they make it sound A LOT nicer on the phone than it really is.  The computers that they told us about worked for the first 4 days and then the internet went out.  We were told that it would only be 24 hrs and 24 hrs turned into a month. So hopefully sometime next month I will be able to put some pictures up.  Thankfully my roommate is letting me use her laptop to check my email.
I was able to go to the Healy Branch on Sunday, and let me tell you they love seasonal workers.  We make their little Branch triple for the summer.  Church is from 5:30PM to 8:30PM and they serve us dinner since we miss dinner at the "Homestead" (that is what they call the place where I live) I call it concentration camp. Don't get me wrong...I love Alaska and I love my job....I am just less than thrilled with my living arrangements. I also get a little bored in the evening because everyone except for the underaged people go to the bar here at the Homestead...yes there is a bar across from the cafeteria that opens up every night at 7:00PM kinda crazy..... Anyway I don't really know any of the underage people very well but I met a few people at church so hopefully it won't be as bad.  It was a breath of fresh air to go to church because for 3 hrs straight I did not hear the "f word" once which is pretty darn amazing.  I hear it all the time at the Homestead, it is used VERY freely here and it drives me effing (hahaha) crazy!!!  The season starts on Wednesday the 14th of May and I am kinda scared because we have not been trained very well, training has kinda been all over the place so I am just going to have to fake it till I make it.  Today I was supposed to go on a flight tour around Mt. McKinley but it was cancelled because of the stupid wind!!!  I will be able to reschedule but this would have been the only time I would have been able to go with all the Front Deskers, now I will have to go by myself on a day off when there happens to be an empty seat.  I love all of the people that I work with at the Front Desk, they are so fun!!!  Tonight I helped one of them steal a mattress because hers was about 10 inches thick, caved in in the middle and the springs were poking her in the back.  So we found someone who didn't have a roommate and took the mattress off of the bed that wasn't being used, carried it down 3 flights of stairs and could not stop laughing the entire time.  We were so afraid that security was going to see us on the cameras and come confront us, so we were trying to be all sneaky carrying a mattress.  Doesn't sound very funny writing it out, but I could barely carry the darn thing I was laughing so hard.  Then we had to carry her piece of crap mattress back up the three flights of stairs....a good time was had by all.  Wow this ended up being a lot longer than I had planned!  I miss everyone, but I am having fun!  Please send me stuff!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


We have safely made it to Canada so far! We hope to make it to the Alaska border by tonight. Yesterday was probably the best day so far. We stopped in Banff National Park and rode the Gondola up the was so beautiful!!! Libby couldn't really enjoy it on the way up because she almost started to hyperventilate. And yes I did get to record a little of her freak out on video with my awesome new digital camera. I will try and put it on my blog so keep an eye out for that. Also yesterday I finally got to drive. I am not so good at driving stick so I haven't really been allowed to drive until yesterday, and yes it was very entertaining!!